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References & Links


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Training Films

1. 'Learning the Language'
Follows a three day intervention using Intensive Interaction to get in touch with a young man with very severe autism, using his body language. Pavilion Publishing

2. 'Creative Conversations'
Demonstrates Intensive Interaction being used with people with multiple disabilities, mainly Cerebral Palsy. Pavilion Publishing.

3. 'Reaching Ricky'
Working with a child with autism in school. 'Available Light'. See Films Google Phoebe Caldwell

4. 'Autism and Intensive Interaction: using body language to get in touch with children on the autistic spectrum'.
A three part training film to be published in April by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Includes a twenty minute intervention with an eight year old child, whom staff cannot make contact with and whom Phoebe has never met before. The film moves from initial rejection to total attention. Other interventions with children aged 3-18.


5. ' Responsive Communication '
Caldwell P. and Gurney J. A free to view, three hour, Autism Communication Training film. 26 short episodes addressing both sensory deficits making it easy to focus on particular aspects of autism, and establishing communication and emotional engagement. Includes two new films, showing practice with commentary. Currently hosted by Caldwell Autism Foundation ( Click here to view).
If this changes, contact Phoebe Caldwell or Janet Gurney janetgurney1958@gmail.com for information


1. 'Finding You Finding Me' Caldwell, P (2006)
ASD and Severe Learning disabilities Jessica Kingsley Publishers

2. 'From Isolation to Intimacy' Caldwell P (2007) ASD and Severe Learning Disabilities Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

3. 'Using Intensive Interaction and Sensory Integration with people with severe autism' Caldwell P and Horwood J (2008) Handbook for working with intensive interaction. Jessica Kingsley Publishers

4 'Listening with all our senses' Caldwell, P. (2012) (Re-launch of three earlier books as one book, 'Person to Person', 'You Don't Know What It's Like' - with Hoghton M. and 'Crossing the Minefield') Pavilion Publishers

5. 'Delicious Conversations' Caldwell, P. (2012) Pavilion Publishers Using Body Language to Communicate.

6. 'The Anger Box - Sensory Turmoil and Pain in Autism' Caldwell, P. (2014) Pavilion Publishers


7. 'Hall of Mirrors: Shards of Clarity'
Caldwell P. and Gurney J. (2018) Pavilion Publishers


8. 'Responsive Communication: Paying Attention to Sensory problems as well as using body language to interacting with Children and Adults with Autism.'
Caldwell P.et al. Pavilion Press

9. 'Driving South to Inverness'
Subject (Autobiographical - What it feels like to move into Sheltered Accommodation, Not Autism)'Caldwell P.

Chapters in Books

1. 'Speaking the other's language: Imitation as the gateway to relationship', in 'Infant and Child Development',
Special Issue: 'Imitation'

2. 'Intensive Interaction: Getting in Touch with a child with severe autism', in 'Promoting Social Interaction for Individuals with Communicative Impairments. Making Contact.' ed Suzanne Zeedyk

3. 'Self-injury and loss of sense of self' (2012) Chapter 11 in 'Understanding and working with people with learning disabilities who self-injure'. ed. Heslop, P . Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

4. 'Autism Spectrum Disorders' (2013) Bradley, E., Caldwell, P. and Underwood, L. Chap 11 in Handbook of Psychopathology in Intellectual Disability, ed Tsakanikos, E. and McCarthy, J. Pub. Springer

Simple Handouts.

'Can We Talk' and 'Speak to Me' (Free download from website)

Recent and Upcoming Work

Hazelbeck School,
Guiseley 27.06.17
Drummore School,
Glasgow 18/19.09.17
Huyton School,
Knowsley 22/23.03.18
Campsie View School,
Glasgow 11/12. 10.18
Henshaws College,
Harrogate 31.08.17
Henshaws College,
Harrogate 16.09.18
Millom School (Parents Group)

Adult Residential
Underley Gdn 14.07.17
Underley Gdn 17.08.17
Underley Gdn 11.10.17
Underley Gdn 10.11.17
Newark 24.07.17
Underley Gdn 15.03.18
Underley Gdn 07.06.18

Oxford Autism 22.02.17
Glasgow Concept Training 14.03.17
Lancaster LDT 27.04.17
Leeds LDT 16.05.17
Keighley Resource Centre 11/12.17
Settle Dementia Art Tutors 27.09.17
Edinburgh Design and
Architecture Department
(City of Edinburgh Council)
Lifeways Group Wakefield 05.07.18

4 Visits to Families to see Individual Children
Individual Tutorials for Parents (using personal film of children and Professionals
Skype support

From November I shall be able to give 3 Hour Presentations if transport is provided
Personal Day Tutorials for Parents or Professionals (Two max. Train station Settle Yorkshire)

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